Financial Management Strategy

Arm yourself with knowledge to manage your business better

“Being able to make real time adjustments has given us more control of our cash and ability to forecast our needs. And along with Larry’s excellent business advice comes his enthusiasm, support and encouragement!”

Linnaea Holgers James, owner Artisans Gallery and Agency Santa Cruz

Managing your cash flow and profit/loss forecast are essential to keeping your doors open.

Do you know where you stand right now? Can you predict profits for the next six months? Do you know if your inventory is turning at the optimal rate? Is your cash flow situation keeping you up at night?

No matter where you are now, there is always room for improvement. Using inventory management strategies I can make sure you are not tying up too much cash in inventory while also making sure you have enough inventory on-hand to take advantage of opportunities and meet your sales forecasts. Using my Open-to-Buy Inventory Management System and Cash Flow Management System tools will help you determine where your cash is going and how to keep more of it in your pocket.

With my proven methods and tools, you can track your profitability and inventory, increase cash-on-hand and open the door to growth and opportunity.

Step-by-step approach to better financial management

Ongoing reviews of financial statements give you the tools to manage your business better. First we lay the groundwork to establish a starting point. Then we scrutinize each piece of the puzzle that makes up your business's financial picture. With each step you learn what to look for and how incremental changes impact your bottom line.

Larry's 'Cash Flow Management System' has been especially helpful in forecasting my cash needs each month and has given me the ability to identify issues before they occur so I can have a solution well before any situation unfolds.

– Kate Springmeyer, Owner, French Theft Lingerie

  • Review financial statements monthly
    • Balance sheet
    • Profit/loss
  • Review ratio analysis monthly or quarterly
    • Liquidity
    • Profitability
    • Financial leverage
    • Efficiency
  • Manage capital in and out flows
    • Cash flow
    • Profit/loss forecasting
  •  Implement Open-to-Buy Inventory Purchasing System
  • Craft financial strategy
    • Increase profitability
    • Increase cash-on-hand
    • Lower short term liabilities
    • Lower long term liablities
    • Increase net worth of the business
  • Prepare operating budget
  • Adjust strategy based on results

After a few review cycles working together, most of my clients know what to look for and how to fix potential problems before they happen! Maintain robust financial health for your business. Beef up your bottom line. Call today to get started.