Know where you're starting to plan where you want to go 

Every strategic plan starts with laying the essential groundwork, so we look at the numbers to diagnose the state of your business.

“We are beginning to run our businesses instead of our businesses running us. Larry's advice is invaluable.”
– Wendy Melrose, Bunny's Home and Garden 

While it may be difficult to face those numbers and what they mean, believe me it’s worth it. Knowing your current situation will allow you to move in the direction of higher margins, stronger sales, increased cash flow, and less stress. Your financial snapshot can give you power over your bottom line during the ups and downs every business faces.

Numbers don’t judge, and neither do I. There is no shame in looking for solutions. The shame would be if we let fear or uncertainty interfere with your dreams for your business. No matter where you are now, we can plan a path to increased profitability.

Jumpstart your company's growth with the proper groundwork

I begin all my business consulting projects with a series of meetings with you to lay the proper groundwork. If you don't already have a business plan, we'll create one. If you already have one, we'll take a good long look at it and revise it as necessary with the goal to jumpstart your company's growth. No matter where you are now, we can plan a path to increased profitability. 

“Larry is the ultimate professional. He has tremendous acumen and the ability to see the big picture. Larry is someone who leads by example by being very proactive with the utmost integrity.”
Valerie Freer, President/CEO, Indeegear

Here's what we do to lay that groundwork

  • Describe your business
    • Company vision (3 years)
    • Strategic and financial goals (12 months)
    • Core competencies and competitive advantage
    • Key success factors (KSF)
  • Describe your market and industry
    • Industry description
    • Target customers
    • Analyze competitors
    • SWOT analysis
  • Evaluate products and services
    • Determine features and benefits
  • Rethink organization and management structure
    • Consider legal framework
    • Consider management team
      • Review team bios
      • Look for untapped employee resources
  • Create marketing and sales strategy
    • Distribution channels
    • Marketing communication
    • Pricing strategy with gross profit margins
  • Evaluate financial management
    • Capital investment
    • Forecast P/L and cash flow
    • Create break-even analysis
Once we have your business plan and goals updated, we can move in whatever direction you want to go – start upexpand, turn around.