Startup Strategy

Get onto the path to success from the very first step 

“With Larry at your side, you can feel confident that you have caring, dedicated, and trustworthy support to get you through it all.”

– Keara Connor, MAEd, Founder/Teacher, Kaiwa Art and Play Space

My dual focus is to create an overarching strategy for your startup while also determining the details that need to be accomplished to make it a reality. I can set you on the path to success from the very first step by:

  • Generating financial plans and forecasts,
  • Using funding contacts for SBA loans and lines of credit,
  • Negotiating with vendors, and
  • Targeting customers.

Take your idea from a sketch on a napkin to a viable business. Create a pitch that will show investors the potential of your idea. Then get ready to open your doors with all the essential financial and strategic plans in place. I can help take it from "dream" to "open for business."

“When my business was just an idea scribbled on a piece of paper, Larry helped point me in the right direction to get things started and has mentored me through every step of the process of developing my business.”

– Mike McKinney, CEO, Sto-N-Sho

Step-by-step approach to starting your business

First we lay the groundwork. Then we apply ourselves to each hurdle to create a plan that will get your startup ready to hit the ground running.  

  • Identify new markets and/or target customers to pursue
  • Determine current and potential financial position
    • Forecast cash flow and P/L
    • Assess additional capital needed, if any
    • Consider financial relationships;
      • Private
      • Commercial
  • Explore channels of distribution
    • Market penetration
    • Market development
  • Create marketing strategies to communicate with the market(s)
  • Identify potential pitfalls and how to avoid them
    • Competitive analysis
  • Examine cash flow and P/L forecasting to manage capital in and out flows
  • Apply Open-to-Buy Inventory Purchasing System
  • Leverage banking relationships to acquire loans and lines of credit, if needed

With these essential elements determined, it's time to open your doors. Prepare and prime yourself for long term success. Call me now to get started on your dream.