Turnaround Strategy

Plan your way out of this position – and into a good one

We all have blind spots that can sabotage our best efforts. I will shine the light on why your business is in difficulty and show you ways that may help move you away from impending disaster with the goals to create sustainable profitability, reduce debt and establish positive cash flow.

“What you don’t know CAN hurt you!” - Larry

Do you need to get your inventory in line with your sales? Do you need to plan your expenditures better? What you don’t know CAN hurt you.

Inventory management, cash flow tactics, debt reduction and financing are all areas where my experience and expertise can benefit you, the business owner.

Turnaround Case Study

Her money was tied up in the wrong merchandise!

Cash was running out. It seemed like we were going to have to close the doors, even though we were selling product!

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Step-by-step approach to turning around your business

When we examine your current situation, we identify problem areas and plan attainable changes that will get you headed in the right direction. After laying the groundwork, some of our areas to target will be:

“Larry has been so patient with us and I truly feel there is light at the end of the tunnel as we are beginning to run our businesses and not our businesses running us. His advice is invaluable and we will be forever grateful.”

Wendy Melrose, Owner, Bunny’s Home and Garden

  • Assess the company's position
  • Identify issues
    • Products and/or service
    • Financial pitfalls
      • Cash
      • Profitability
    • Sales/Marketing
    • Personnel concerns
    • Competitors
  • Prepare a report and recommendations based on findings
  • Craft a strategy and path to positive cash flow and profitability
  • Create financial cash flow and P/L forecasting
  • Create an Open-to-Buy Inventory Purchasing System for product based companies
  • Monitor weekly for results
    • Projected
    • Actual
  • Adjust strategy based on results

Once we have a plan, we reevaluate weekly, then monthly, then quarterly as your position gets stronger and you become more confident in the strength of your business. Contact me today to get started.